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AccuTec-IHS offers the AccuFIT 9000® Quantitative Respirator Fit Tester to meet all global standards for Fit Testing including the new, faster streamlined OSHA protocol.  A full solution including adapters, supplies and software, AccuFIT is packaged in a rugged ‘road-worthy’ travel case and is surprisingly affordable.


AccuTec-IHS was created in 2016 to focus on a single mission – develop a new Quantitative Respirator Fit tester using the proven ‘Gold Standard’ CNC Particle Counting Method. From the start, our goal was to give the Respirator Fit Testing community an innovative and easy-to-use alternative to the products occupying the industry for decades.

Founded by scientists and technicians with extensive real-world experience, we sought out expert instrumentation developers with expertise in precision particle counting methods to develop the AccuFIT 9000®. This ensures that our product can test virtually ANY respirator including the NIOSH N95 ‘disposable’ types which are now so essential to the COVID-19 pandemic response efforts.

Starting with a ‘clean sheet of paper’ and a fresh look at how professionals in Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health and related disciplines could operate more effectively, the team addressed the known shortcomings of other products - and came up with a device that meets the needs of virtually every Respiratory Protection Program. Features like a high-visibility 7” touch-screen interface, ‘Stand Alone’ or PC Operation and the ability to control up to four units from a single PC with independent start/stop times ensures whatever your preferred mode of operation, you’ll have maximum control and better results when minutes matter!

Going beyond outstanding product features and performance, the true value of AccuFIT lies not just with the product itself, but with the core values and culture of the AccuTec-IHS team.

We focus on just one thing – having the best solution for Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing – and we’re grateful for the opportunity to be here for you during a time when Respiratory Protection Program effectiveness is so critically important. As we all adapt to meet these challenging times head-on, our pledge to you is simply this: we’ll do what it takes to make sure you are satisfied with your Respirator Fit Test experience.

With a complete line of accessories optimized for the most demanding conditions, comprehensive service and calibration capability and technical support from a dedicated network of industry veterans, we make sure that your ‘uptime’ is maximized, and you can get what you need when you need it. Add in overall low cost of ownership, including a 3-year standard warranty, and we believe you’ll agree AccuTec-IHS has delivered on its promise of giving you a clear and better choice.

Our goal is to help you make the world a safer place and to preserve the health of as many people as possible. Together, let’s help make the world a better place - with Respirator Fit Testing for the Real World™.


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