Radiation Detection

Advanced Test Equipment Corporation

Advanced Test Equipment Corporation (ATEC) supplies the largest selection of test and measurement equipment for short- and long-term rentals and purchases. ATEC is also an A2LA accredited for ISO 17025 calibration lab providing customer calibrations on a variety of equipment from the largest scope of accreditation in the industry.

ATEC offers complete testing solutions to personnel in the Industrial Hygiene industry in need of test and measurement equipment like vibration analyzers, sound level meters, thermal cameras, particle counters, personal RF protection monitors, and much more.  Rely on ATEC to have equipment in-stock and available for immediate delivery with friendly and knowledgeable service you can trust. Our team of experts are here to help you get the equipment you need for your tests when you need it.

Get in touch with us by calling 800-404-2832 or visiting us at www.atecorp.com/ehs.

S.E. International, Inc.

Since 1979, S.E. International, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of ionizing radiation detection instruments under the Radiation Alert® product line. We design, develop, and manufacture instruments for environmental, laboratory, research, health physics, industrial hygiene, security, first responders, NDT, and educational industries. We are a worldwide company. We sell direct and have a strong network of distributors to support you. We set ourselves apart from our competitors with our personal sales, support, and customer service.  Our detection range starts at 1 microR to 1R for our handheld survey meters. We offer both analog and digital instruments.  If we do not have what you need, we will help you find it or point you in the right direction.  

Our diverse product line includes handheld instruments for surface and air contamination, including general purpose survey meters, friskers, and dosimeters. We also have area monitors and multichannel analyzers for the detection and identification of radiation in a variety of sources.

Our software is included for free with the purchase of a Radiation Alert® instrument. This also includes all updates.  We feel that if you buy it once it is yours.

The challenges in this industry are to develop new, more efficient ways to detect radiation either by means of new detector technology or software. This includes wireless technology and linking our detection systems with mobile devices

S.E. International, Inc. has a strong sense of community and has provided development grants, and donations to other non-profits to help strengthen our community.

Our company advertizes to a wide variety of industry magazines, web based buyers’ guides, and trade shows.  We strive to provide great instrumentation at a cost that will fit most budgets.  To find out more about S.E. International, Inc. and the Radiation Alert® product line, please visit our website at www.seintl.com or call 800-293-5759