Video Inspection

Zistos Corporation

Since 2001, Zistos has been designing and manufacturing portable video systems that are used to increase the safety associated with industrial operations.
Our portable video inspection systems can be used to visually assess conditions inside of confined spaces such as tanks, vats, hoppers, rail tank and truck tanker carriers. Zistos products increase the safety and effectiveness of personnel by enabling them to inspect areas difficult to access or potentially dangerous, without the need for an operator to enter the areas to perform a visual inspection. The images can also be digitally recorded for archival purposes, or for inclusion in reports.
Zistos video systems can be used in many maintenance-repair operations that would normally require the need for a ladder or scaffolding. A video inspection system with a camera mounted on a telescoping pole can perform an initial inspection of equipment at an elevated location with the inspector safely on the ground. These systems provide detailed images of the areas in question, while increasing safety and efficiency. The inspector does not need to climb and risk an injurious fall.
The company has earned an excellent reputation for numerous innovations in industrial inspection, surveillance, and rescue. Zistos offers an array of portable video solutions, which includes ZistosHD (full 1080P) high resolution wireless systems and components, zoom and low-light cameras, thermal cameras, as well as videoscopes — all engineered and designed to be very interchangeable, portable, and easily operated.