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Photo Courtesy of EnviroKlenz

We sat down for an exclusive interview with George Negron, Vice President of Customer Operations at EnviroKlenz, for an in-depth look at a patented mineral technology that helps create clean-air environments in the workplace.

  1. Can you tell us about EnviroKlenz’s patented earth mineral technology?

The EnviroKlenz technology is designed to create safer environments using earth mineral compounds to neutralize and destroy virtually all airborne contaminants in a powerful, yet trusted way. Originally created to break down the harshest toxins used in chemical warfare, this powerful technology is now used to destroy airborne contaminants in everyday environments. While its applications are endless, the simple foundation of our innovative technology remains the same, delivering safe and effective solutions to neutralize even the worst contaminants around us.

  1. How does this earth mineral system destroy harmful contaminants, and how does it compare to other air purifiers on the market?

Our technology utilized simple ingredients found in nature to create a powerful solution for eliminating toxins. Using a patented process called “Adsorptive Neutralization,” we enhance the natural capabilities of these earth mineral compounds to break down and neutralize an array of chemicals, biological pathogens and pollutants, without creating any harmful byproducts. This process works alongside HEPA filtration and UVC to achieve cleaner, safer indoor spaces.

Where other technologies simply capture airborne contaminants, we take it a step further with our neutralization capabilities to fully destroy toxins, so the only thing released back into the environment is truly clean air.

  1. Photo Courtesy of EnviroKlenz

    What types of industry might benefit from the company’s air purifiers?

We are dedicated to delivering peace of mind to schools, medical facilities, military stations, office buildings, community spaces, homes and more through trusted, end-to-end solutions. Going beyond providing clean air, our goal is to help create safe indoor environments for people to thrive in, serving a vast range of real-life applications that are both public and private.

  1. How much space can EnviroKlenz’s systems accommodate?

Even on our lowest “whisp-air” fan speed, our purifiers cover up to 1,000 sq ft with near-silent operation, providing three to five additional air exchanges per hour within each indoor space.

  1. In the age of COVID-19, how important is it to remove and destroy contaminants from the workplace?

Recent findings from the World Health Organization show that 99% of the earth’s inhabitants suffer adverse effects of air pollution through exposure to fine air particulates and unhealthy levels of nitrogen dioxide. Workers across all professions can experience symptoms of allergies, asthma or other sensitivities that are heightened by poor indoor air quality, especially those working in areas with high levels of pollution, seasonal wildfires or intensive allergy seasons. Air safety should be a top priority for all businesses and workplaces, regardless of the airborne threat in mind.

The EnviroKlenz technology has been validated through third-party testing to effectively destroy particles smaller than the COVID-19 virus. Utilizing portable air purifiers in the workplace can mitigate the spread of airborne contaminants by capturing and destroying active viruses, bacteria, chemicals and other harmful toxins that would otherwise exist around us.

  1. Photo Courtesy of EnviroKlenz

    Allergens in the workplace are also a major concern. What types of allergens can a company expect to see removed from their facilities when using your earth mineral technology?

Our technology can easily capture and remove indoor allergens like dust mites, pollen and mold, or nonallergic triggers, like volatile organic compounds, smoke or particulate matter.

  1. Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about the importance of air purification in the workplace, or more specifically, your company’s air purification system?

We stand out in an industry that favors looks over functionality by designing our air systems with the sole purpose of delivering your cleanest air. The EnviroKlenz air systems are proudly handcrafted in the U.S. to be durable and made to last. Purifying your indoor air is essential for the long-term health of households and businesses, which is what we strive to deliver through our Air Systems. IHW

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