Cavcom Introduces Metal Detectable Silicone Earplug

The leader in innovative industrial hearing protection and communication systems is announcing the newest product in its EarzON® line of custom hearing protection. For more than 25 years, CavCom has been developing technologies to maximize hearing conservation program success for all industries. EarzON® now provides a variety of effective hearing protection options for the food industry and other manufacturing operations needing tight protocols for product contamination.

Two metal detectable custom hearing protection options are available from EarzON®: an acrylic earplug with metal BB and the NEW metal detectable silicone; both options are paired with a metal detectable lanyard. The innovative silicone material contains special additives that activate metal detection equipment and are visible in traditional X-ray units. In addition, users can expect the same tremendous quality, comfort, and hearing protection CavCom has provided for more than a quarter century.

Noise reduction values can be tailored to the noise levels in your work environment. CavCom‘s specially designed acoustic filters reduce sounds evenly across a wide frequency range. The filters allow you to turn down the volume (noise) without sacrificing listening quality (the sounds you want to hear – warning signals, speech, etc.).

Via a complete collaboration effort with safety & health personnel, management, and end-users, CavCom customizes our hearing protection solutions to meet the specific needs of each individual worker and environment. All customer service needs are also handled directly by CavCom to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Product demonstrations are available onsite, as well as online, upon request. Contact CavCom today via our website at, or direct via phone at (866)547-4988.

About CavCom, Inc.

CavCom was founded on the idea of creating practical and effective solutions for companies facing tough communications challenges. They have enjoyed over 25 years of success building strong relationships with customers. CavCom’s solutions-based approach integrates extensive experience, proprietary cutting-edge technology, and dedicated customer support to address virtually any challenging communication situation. CavCom’s professionals are passionate about improving safety, productivity, and the preservation of hearing. From its award-winning Talk Through Your Ears® technology to RadioGear® listening earsets, EarzON® custom hearing protection, and more, CavCom’s commitment to developing innovative technology helps keep your workforce safer and more productive.

Visit us online at for our industrial product information.

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