Compressed Airline Monitors & Air Filtration Systems

ENMET offers a complete line of compressed airline monitoring and filtration systems for supplied breathing air, medical compressed air, manufacturing and industrial process air. Our continuous in-line monitors, breathing air filtration panels and portable breathing air systems are designed to meet OSHA 1910.134 compressed breathing air monitoring requirements and NFPA 99 “Medical Air System Guidelines.”

The next-gen AirGuard is a portable compressed airline monitor and filtration system that regulates, purifies and monitors supplied breathing air for both safety and comfort.

Portable Breathing Air Filtration Systems

AirGuard Portable 100 CFM

AirGuard Portable 50 CFM

AirGuard Portable 30 CFM

AirGuard Portable 15 CFM

  • Large external digital color display
  • Data logger for OSHA compliance
  • Three-stage filter system
  • CO, Differential Dew Point and Flow sensors
  • Meets Grade D breathing air requirements
  • Portable – battery operated, rechargeable

Compressed Airline Monitors


ENMET’s most popular Carbon monoxide (CO) airline monitor for compressed breathing air.

MedAir 2200

Designed for hospital medical air systems, monitors compressed air for CO, CO2, O2 and Dew Point.

ProAir 2200

Compressed airline monitor can be custom configured with up to 4 sensors for process compressed air monitoring.

Air Filtration Systems for Compressed Breathing Air


50 CFM Air Filtration System for compressed breathing air with four outlets.


100 CFM Air Filtration System for compressed breathing air with five outlets.

Custom Design and Optional Equipment

ENMET also offers a variety of enclosures, accessories and mounting options for all of our compressed airline monitoring and filtration products. We custom design compressed airline monitoring systems to meet our customer’s individual requirements.


  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Paint Spraying
  • Firefighting
  • Welding
  • Sand Blasting
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Wood Finishing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Medical Air Supply
  • Chemical
  • Wastewater
  • Hazmat Clean-up
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Petrochemical

Compressed air, commonly called Industry’s fourth utility, is the most common utility used in a typical industrial facility. Compressed air is used in more than 70 percent of all manufacturing activities including supplying breathing air to personnel using supplied air respirators. Hazardous breathing conditions exist in many routine industrial operations, such as chemical manufacturing, hospitals, sand blasting, paint spraying, industrial cleaning, and welding. In these and other operations that introduce contaminants into the workplace, supplied-air respirators, air filtration systems and carbon monoxide monitors are frequently used for worker protection.


ENMET provides compressed airline monitoring and filtration systems for many applications including monitoring and filtering supplied breathing air, monitoring hospital compressed air systems, and monitoring compressed air in manufacturing processes. Our compressed airline CO monitors are designed to meet OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air and NFPA 99 “Medical Air System Guidelines”. Products include our popular CO-GUARD respiratory airline CO monitor. Our most advanced airline monitors, MedAir 2200 and ProAir 2200, are UL and CSA certified and can monitor up to four points of detection including CO, CO2, O2, dew point, VOCs, trace hydrocarbons and an array of other hazardous gases that may be present in compressed air. Our AirGuard, a next-gen portable breathing air filtration system, provides comprehensive data log records and uses an audio alarm and large external color display to communicate warnings, threats and data collection. It integrates a three-stage filter system CO, differential Dew Point and CFM flow sensors for both safety and breathing air comfort.  Contact ENMET today and find out more about our complete line of compressed air monitoring and filtration equipment.

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