Consider Combustible Dust Explosion Safety by REMBE® Inc. for your Wood Processing Operations!

Are you underestimating the explosion hazards associated with wood handling operations? It is common knowledge that wood can burn, but have you considered the combustibility of wood dust and what you need to do to protect your plant and employees?  While this is not news (REMBE® wrote about it years ago:  click here for more information),  attention to this safety hazard is critical and sometimes lacking.  A comprehensive situational overview of the risks in wood processing operations highlights the need to pay careful attention to assess the risks and be aware of any changes in conditions in all aspects of your process.

REMBE® has the expertise to help you protect your wood process as the innovator of:

Flameless venting for indoor /outdoor explosion protection (Q-Box/Q-Rohr®/Q-Ball)

Figure 1. REMBE® Q-Box II

The REMBE® Q-Box II is typically used to protect indoor equipment such as bins, dust collectors, conveyors, cyclones and more.  The design guarantees safe explosion venting inside production facilities through the use of its metal mesh. The flames are instantly extinguished inside so no heat, dusts nor dangerous pressure waves emerge from the vessel – everything stays inside the Q-Box.

A comprehensive line of REMBE® explosion panels and TARGO-VENT


REMBE® TARGO-VENT is a great option for the dust collectors commonly located outside of many wood production facilities.  The TARGO-VENT limits the opening angle of the explosion vent, thus guiding the explosion pressure, flames and heat into a defined area.  This ensures there is a safe zone below the explosion panel, allowing for more access to these areas for wood storage, forklift movement, walkways, etc.

REMBE® Q-Flap NX explosion isolation valve

Figure 3. REMBE® Q-Flap NX

The REMBE® Q-Flap NX is a perfect fit for the large inlet ductwork seen in many wood processing facilities.  This improved version of he REMBE® Q-Flap NX features magnets that hold the flap open, potentially reducing the pressure drop across the valve, which can turn into energy savings.  The device can handle a large amount of product flow and is certified for ST1 and ST2 dusts, making it suitable for most wood applications.

REMBE® isolation systems to prevent explosion propagation.

Figure 4. REMBE® EXKOP® isolation system.

REMBE® EXKOP® isolation system  consists of a control panel, triggering devices and one or more quench valves.  The improved REMBE® EXKOP isolation system is available for many more applications such as ST2 dusts, reduced explosion pressures (Pred) of up to 2 bar and larger diameters!  Newly upgraded controllers allow for flexibility of your process requirements.

About REMBE® Inc.

For over 45 years, REMBE® has been and continues to be a leader in the innovation and manufacture of high-quality process safety systems, explosion protection systems and dynamic weighing systems.

REMBE® stands for expertise in explosion safety and pressure relief, providing customers in virtually every industry with safety systems for their plants/equipment.  All products meet or exceed the requirements of national and international regulations including ATEX and NFPA.

REMBE® customers include market leaders in numerous sectors, such as oil and gas, food, wood, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

REMBE® takes a comprehensive approach, developing and manufacturing its own products, while also providing the relevant consulting, engineering and service to meet your needs.

As the inventor of flameless venting, REMBE® specializes in combustible dust explosion prevention/protection systems for many applications across a multitude of industries with a broad product selection of both venting and isolation devices.

REMBE® has led the process safety industry with new, more adaptable rupture disc products to address ever-changing, complex needs.

The C-LEVER dynamic weighing system provides a reliable, easy-to-use-and-maintain option for continuous weighing.

Contact REMBE® Inc. today, 704.716.7022, or, to speak to an Engineer about your combustible dust explosion isolation application today and we will recommend the best product system for your needs.

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