J. J. Keller Teams Up with DRIFIRE, Expanding SAFEGEAR PPE Line to Include Flame-Resistant Clothing

There are 30,000 arc flash incidents every year on average, according to commonly used statistics. It’s estimated that those incidents result in average annual totals of 7,000 burn injuries, 2,000 hospitalizations, and 400 fatalities per year.

One way to help protect employees from arc flash is with flame-resistant (FR) apparel. This is why J. J. Keller® SAFEGEAR® PPE has teamed up with FR-apparel brand DRIFIRE to expand its SAFEGEAR® PPE offerings. A wide selection of Category 1 and 2 FR clothing — which is also arc rated (AR) — is now available from J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., including:

• base layer short- and long-sleeve T-shirts

• high-visibility vests and sweatshirts

• coveralls, jeans, a work shirt, and a balaclava

Workers in the electric industry and welders need protective clothing, such as FR and/or AR-rated clothing, per OSHA standards 1910.269 and 1910.252, respectively.

“Serious injuries and illnesses may result from contact with arc flashes, blasts, or flash fires if workers don’t use FR clothing when required,” said Ray Qureshi-Chishti, EHS editor and subject-matter expert at J. J. Keller. “If they’re wearing regular clothing, it can melt onto their skin, causing severe burns.”

“We’re excited to expand our SAFEGEAR line by bringing our customers FR clothing to meet their PPE needs,” said Joel Clark, forms and supplies portfolio director for J. J. Keller. “Not only is DRIFIRE a respected name, but it offers advanced and proprietary fabrics for enhanced breathability and comfort.”

For more information, visit http://jjkeller.com/shopPPE.

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