Kärcher Introduces Industry’s First Professional Autonomous Vacuum

Today Kärcher takes its commitment to innovation a step further by introducing the first professional autonomous vacuum. The KIRA CV 60/1 is powered by Brain Corporation’s (“Brain Corp”) BrainOS®, the world’s most proven and commercially validated software platform for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) operating in indoor public spaces. KIRA is an acronym for Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Applications, and the CV 60/1 is the first autonomous product to be launched in the United States, with others set to follow in 2022.

“Kärcher is thrilled to launch this autonomous vacuum” said Rex Shull, VP of Product Management and Engineering. “In today’s challenging labor environment, this product will be a critical innovation to help our customers meet troublesome resource demands.”

KIRA CV 60/1, powered by BrainOS®, autonomously navigates obstacles and people safely by using several high optic 3D and 2D cameras and Lidar sensors to constantly scan and adapt to the environment, recalculating routes as obstacles are detected. Workers, without any technical background, can easily manage the machines thanks to its intuitive interface and teaching methodologies: Teach & Repeat and Area Fill. This results in improved cleaning consistency and coverage, allowing workers to focus on higher value tasks and businesses to see a valuable return on investment (ROI). Given labor shortages companies are facing today, now is the opportune time for businesses to consider adding robotic solutions as productive members of their cleaning team.

The KIRA CV 60/1, designed for operator comfort, visibility and usability, can be operated both autonomously for cleaning large floor spaces, or manually for quick spot cleaning. Real-time notifications provide updates  to operators when cleaning routes are complete, and reporting tools provide managers with key insights into operational performance metrics. Additional features include a lithium-ion battery for longer run times and faster charging speed, as well as a HEPA-rated vacuum bag for optimal health protection.

The KIRA CV 60/1 robot gets smarter with consistent software updates and new features, enabling the robot to complete its tasks more efficiently, while enhancing navigational capabilities over time. With over 100+ Billion square feet of floor space already covered autonomously by BrainOS®-powered machines, it’s no surprise Kärcher has partnered with Brain Corp.

“We’re excited to see Karcher bring its first BrainOS®-powered AMR to market. By combining best-in-class software technology with proven equipment, this AMR brings a first of its kind autonomous solution for soft floors to a diverse set of new markets and spaces, including hospitality, education, commercial offices, and more,” said Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, CEO at Brain Corp.

KIRA CV 60/1 Autonmous Vacuum
Productivity 18,000 sq ft. / hr
Cleaning Path Width 24 in
Bag capacity 4.7 gal
Vac Motor Flow Rate 120 cfm
Voltage 36V
Max. Rated Climb 2%

Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG is the world’s leading provider of cleaning technology. The family-owned enterprise employs more than 13,000 people in 72 countries and more than 127 subsidiaries. More than 50,000 service centers in all countries ensure continuous and comprehensive supplies to customers all over the world. Kärcher North America is one of the largest subsidiaries with over 1,000 employees. In the United States, Kärcher produces and distributes products and services under the brands Kärcher, Landa, Hotsy, Water Maze and Legacy. The company’s solutions serve customers‘ cleaning needs in an economical and environmentally-friendly manner. Visit www.karcher.com/us for more information.

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