Milwaukee® Launches Lightweight, Breathable Face Masks for All-Day Wear

Providing users with lightweight, breathable face coverings, Milwaukee Tool is introducing the first ever face masks built for the jobsite – the 3-Layer Performance Face Mask and 2-Layer Face Mask.

The face masks are constructed with soft, breathable layers, designed for all-day wear on the jobsite. To prevent odor causing bacteria, the masks feature an anti-microbial treatment and moisture wicking layers help the masks dry quickly and keep cool. For all-day comfort, the masks have adjustable ear loops and a flexible nose bridge to easily fit to the user’s face. All Milwaukee® Face Masks meet the CDC recommendations for face coverings and are reusable and machine washable.

For extended wear, the 3-Layer Performance Face Masks are constructed with a structured design, separating the mask from users’ mouths and making it easier to move. The performance face masks are offered in two sizes, S/M and L/Xl, for a better fit.

The face masks will be available for purchase at select distributors January 2021.

Milwaukee® Face Mask Lineup – NEW!

1pk Red 2-Layer Face Mask 48-73-4227 – $9.97

3pk Red 2-Layer Face Mask 48-73-4228 – $24.97

10pk Red 2-Layer Face Mask 48-73-4229 – $69.97

1pk Gray 2-Layer Face Mask 48-73-4230 – $9.97

3pk Gray 2-Layer Face Mask 48-73-4231 – $24.97

10pk Gray 2-Layer Face Mask 48-73-4232 – $69.97

1pk 3-Layer Performance Face Mask – S/M 48-73-4234 – $14.97

3pk 3-Layer Performance Face Mask – S/M 48-73-4235 – $34.97

10pk 3-Layer Performance Face Mask – S/M 48-73-4236 – $94.97

1pk 3-Layer Performance Face Mask – L/XL 48-73-4237 – $14.97

3pk 3-Layer Performance Face Mask – L/XL 48-73-4238 – $34.97

10pk 3-Layer Performance Face Mask – L/XL 48-73-4239 – $94.97


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