New Orthotics with Adjustable Arch Lifting Technology Support Workforce Health

Alliance Design & Development Group (ADDG) introduces SelectFlex®, the only dynamic arch control insole with selectable support levels designed to improve lower extremity health for industrial workers.

Culminating several years of research, Alliance Design & Development Group (ADDG) pioneered SelectFlex, the first and only insoles with an adjustable arch. ADDG’s core technology is the Variable Resistance Beam (VRB), a patented adjustable suspension/resistance system, which gives the orthotics the ability to help correct biomechanical imbalances and provide more ease of movement with less pain. ADDG specifically engineered SelectFlex for workers who spend long periods on their feet and has become a staple for many ergonomic programs in a range of industries, from manufacturing and transportation, to facilities management and postal delivery. In 2020, ISHN named SelectFlex insoles the Top Foot Protection Product of the year.

Barry Renow, CEO of ADDG said, “Foot issues and disorders are pervasive across all demographics and types of occupations. As a technology company, our goal was to develop a treatment that was not only more effective, but was customizable and easily accessible by everyone.”

Three quarters of all Americans will experience foot-related problems in their lifetime, primarily due to overpronation, inward tilting of the ankles. This disrupts the body’s natural alignment and causes greater foot strike impact, making feet, knees, hips, and spine more vulnerable to injuries that can range from mild to severe, such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome on outer knees, foot or lower leg stress fractures, neuropathy, bunions, heel spurs, chronic lower back pain, and more.

Prolonged standing at work compounds the potential for injuries by placing continuous hydrostatic pressure on the lower extremities. Work related musculoskeletal disorders are a major source of disability claims, particularly in occupations that require workers to stand for at least 50% of each shift. Moreover, the fatigue associated with extended postural exposure can cause workers to be less alert, measurably impacting the quality of work and reducing productivity, while also increasing absenteeism and medical costs.

Traditionally, the most common treatment for foot ailments has been custom-made orthotics, which cost anywhere from $300 to $600. At a fraction of the price, SelectFlex adjustable arch insoles offer a universal solution that not only helps prevent injuries caused by overpronation, poor alignment and other contributors, but enhances employee comfort and performance.

Simply by turning the unique PowerController™ key to one of three arch support options, SelectFlex orthotics dynamically lift the foot into kinetic alignment with the body and correct abnormal pronation. The insoles biomechanically conform to individual arch geometry and, unlike traditional static inserts, gives the wearer the power to choose the level of stiffness/arch height support that’s most comfortable for each foot or type of activity.

“Our VRB technology was inspired by the human anatomy and achieved by adopting the Cantilever Principle of stress distribution and dynamic support,” explains Peter Tarlton, CTO of ADDG. “SelectFlex insoles are designed to mimic the shock absorbing function of spring ligaments and help correct structural anomalies, like overpronation or poor posture, realign foot bones, slow arch collapse, and reduce burdens on weight bearing joints.”

The PowerLift Arch™ suspension system and PowerBeam™ arch lifting technology mitigates downward compressive forces on feet and knees, and releases energy back to the body with each step in the gait cycle. In a recent study performed by the Quinnipiac Motion Analysis Lab, results showed that SelectFlex orthotics provide up to 89% more arch height support and dynamic alignment, while also controlling arch deformation by as much as 65%. SelectFlex orthotics also feature the PowerCup™, which cradles the heel in a super soft Durometer cushion that absorbs foot strike impact, dissipates pressures, and provides up to 50% more ankle alignment and stability. The PowerBed™ adds three extra layers of cushion with a medical grade ergonomic shell and composite memory foam foot pad, wrapped in an antimicrobial, deodorizing, moisture wicking, low friction fabric cover. According to a flexcycle endurance study conducted by Westpak Testing & Calibration Labs, SelectFlex insole arches can withstand about half a million steps, and typically outlast over-the-counter gel and foam insoles by about 88%.

For the workforce population, maintaining proper arch support and body alignment can yield immeasurable benefits, from pain relief to energy restoration. For employers, the rewards are easily quantifiable in the form of decreased worker’s comp claims, reduced insurance premiums, less missed work days, and higher productivity levels overall.

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