New Product Alert: Vortex3 Enhanced

We are thrilled to announce the release of the enhanced Vortex3 high flow air sampling pump. Ideal for area sampling for airborne contaminants including Asbestos, the Vortex3 is the latest generation of static, high flow rate sampling pumps

With remote monitoring capabilities and extended battery life: We recognize the need for longer-lasting sampling solutions, especially for our portable devices.

Now with an extended battery life:
4 Hours @ 12L/min
8 Hours @ 8L/min

Effortless simple operation utilising digital technology, the Vortex3 has an easy-to-use four button operation, and LED lights for clear visibility.

The award winning sampling pump has a high-flow rate of (5-12 L/min) and a flow accuracy better than +/-5% compliant with industry standards.

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