Radians introduces a new TEKTYE cut protection sleeve and two new work gloves

Protecting workers should always be a top priority at the job site and many companies are now using vending machines to allow workers easy access to essential PPE. Vending machines are gaining traction in the industrial marketplace because they increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve inventory management and compliance.

Top-tier PPE manufacturer Radians® recently launched a new A4 cut level TEKTYE™ sleeve and two new work gloves. The new sleeve is sold in pairs and is vend-pack ready.  Both gloves are sold by the dozen but can be packaged for PPE vending machines via the Radians Vend Pack program.

“At the 2022 NSC Congress and Expo in San Diego, PPE vending machines dominated many aisles,” says Radians Product Manager, Justin Ladd. “To support this trend, our new TEKTYE sleeve is packaged as a Vend Pack but can be used in any safety program where arms and wrists need to be protected.

“Radians already offers several gloves for PPE vending machine distribution, and now we have our new TEKTYE protection sleeve to contribute to that mix,” says Ladd.  “No matter how the sleeves are dispensed, it’s important to offer them because many applications like sheet metal and sharp parts handling need cut and slash protection for your arms and wrists.”

Radians new RADT7418TS sleeve is made with its proprietary TEKTYE yarn that achieves an ANSI A4 cut protection level without using fiberglass or stainless-steel fibers. The sleeve’s 13-gauge yarn technology enhances mobility, and the hook and loop closure at the top of the sleeve provides a custom and secure fit.

In addition to launching a new sleeve, Radians also introduced two new gloves:  the RWG703 TEKTYE cut protection work glove and the RWG4742, a premium goatskin leather driver.

The RWG703 TEKTYE glove is very versatile because it provides multi-functional hand protection solutions. It offers A4 cut protection, abrasion resistance, high-visibility, and an excellent grip in wet and dry applications, thanks to its sandy foam nitrile coating.

The RWG4742 goatskin driver with a keystone thumb is soft and strong all day long. Made for comfort and superb performance, the RWG4742 has excellent abrasion resistance and high tensile strength. The leather is buttery soft and pliable, but don’t let that fool you. This glove is a workhorse, thanks to its tensile strength, comfort, and durability.

For more information about Radians’ full line of PPE or its Vend Pack program, visit radians.com or call toll-free 1-877-723-4267. All Radians products are sold through authorized distributors.

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