SC Johnson Professional® Kresto® Cherry Wipes

Kresto® Cherry Wipes are heavy-duty hand wipes that work to remove the toughest contaminants like oil grease, paints, sealants and resins. The wipes are designed with a skin conditioner to prevent skin from drying and leave it feeling smooth after use. Kresto® Cherry Wipes contain no VOC-regulated ingredients and include a pleasant cherry fragrance that fights tough odors.

They’re made with dual-sided extra-large 10×12 inch wipes that work effectively to keep hands, tools and arms clean. In addition to the strong base cloth fabric, the wipes contain polypropylene scrubbers and heavy-duty cleaning ingredients to ensure a thorough job is done every time with no need for rinsing with water. Kresto® Cherry Wipes are available in handy, easy-to-use 70-count and 130-count containers.

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