4 Tips for Battling One of The Most Common Occupational Skin Diseases in America

Safety Experts at Magid Share Tips for Battling Contact Dermatitis

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Contact Dermatitis is one of the most common occupational diseases in America, totaling up to 90–95 percent of occupational skin disease cases in the US. While this skin condition is not contagious, it can cause workers to feel uncomfortable and may result in workers taking off their safety protection to find relief from itchy, red, and painful rashes on the body.

Everyday situations such as sweating, material irritation from PPE, or contamination from items such as metal, grease, and oil can lead to Contact Dermatitis. With so many ways to develop this condition, it may seem daunting to find solutions that will keep workers safe and comfortable. Safety Experts from Magid are here to help with 4 simple tips safety managers can use to battle Contact Dermatitis in the workplace.

Consider Cut-Resistant PPE Made with Coreless Technology

Cut-resistant PPE is usually created by blending an outer yarn with a strong core such as fiberglass or steel. Over time, these core materials may break, resulting in microscopic scratches that irritate workers’ skin. Coreless technology like Magid’s DX+ Technology® uses innovative yarn that’s infused with strength-enhancing microparticles rather than a traditional core. These microparticles provide high levels of cut protection without the core irritation, making PPE more comfortable for workers with sensitive skin. DX+ is also 30 percent lighter than traditional PPE of the same cut level and currently offers the highest level of coreless cut protection on the market available at ANSI Cut Level A5 and A6.

Minimize Workplace Heat and Sweating

Hot temperatures and sweat are two common triggers of Contact Dermatitis. While it might be impossible to keep a non-airconditioned workplace cool, there are other ways managers can help employees sweat less. The most important thing is to search for lightweight PPE. Ask yourself questions such as, “Can my workers use a single-ply sleeve rather than a double-ply sleeve without compromising safety?” Or “What types of materials are my workers’ PPE made from? Is there a more lightweight option?” HPPE, DX+, AeroDex®, and Hyperon® materials are cool to the touch and help minimize sweat.

Cooling gear is another important element for job sites far from air-conditioning and refrigerators. For example, Magid® Cool Powered by Mission® products are portable, cool to 30 degrees below the average body temperature in seconds, stay cool for hours, and can be reactivated over and over again with just water.

Educate Workers and Give Ample Time for Proper Hygiene Practices

The more frequently workers keep their PPE and clothing free from potential irritants, the less likely they are to develop Contact Dermatitis. Encourage workers to launder their PPE frequently and provide ample time for them to wash their hands and arms while on the job. Additional tips shared by the American Contact Dermatitis Society include offering synthetic soaps with added moisturizers, using a pat dry or non-frictional drying method, and washing hands regularly with lukewarm water for at least 20 seconds.

Try Barrier Creams

Barrier creams such as Hydrocortisone Cream, come in portable single-use packets for easy access on the job. These affordable creams provide an additional barrier for irritated skin, providing temporary relief from symptoms such as itching and inflammation caused by Contact Dermatitis.

Find more products and discover additional free resources to keep workers safe at the Magid Safety Matters® Resource Center.

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