“Groundbreaking” Regennabis Expands to Build and Showcase Regenerative Businesses and Industries

Organization at the Forefront of Empowering Businesses Worldwide to Meet UN Sustainable Development Goals through ESG Technology, Strategic Advisory Services, Annual UN Events and Exclusive Membership Network

Regennabis, the leading provider of Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) strategies for emerging industries, today announced it is broadening its focus to meet the growing demand for a shift to regenerative growth across a range of businesses and industries.

Regennabis aligns its work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), recognizing that today’s Regenerative Industries and Companies are well-positioned to deliver long-term Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts.

“The shift is real and the demand is growing with companies of all sizes looking for the guidance, technology, and network so they can strategically build out their Regenerative profile with a smart pathway to long-term value creation,” said Regennabis CEO Geoff Trotter. “Equally important is providing a high-profile event series at the United Nations Delegates Dining Room for them to share and celebrate their successes.”

The organization’s initial focus on emerging industries included a first-ever Regenerative Business Live at the United Nations in 2022, convening corporate leaders, global government officials, civil society, international media, and investors. This “Market in the Room” approach proved to be a successful model, prompting inquiries from a range of businesses looking for similar platforms to showcase their respective regenerative journey.

“Regennabis’ focus on sustainability, branding, and ESG frameworks – aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals – is groundbreaking,” said Will Kennedy, the United Nations Senior Program Officer for Partnerships.

Regennabis will continue to be led by seasoned professionals with vast global experience in finance, corporate consulting, ESG and sustainability: CFO Kellie Seringer, CGO Patrick McCartan, and CEO Trotter.

Regennabis is centered on four key areas of excellence: ESG Technology, Strategic Advisory Services, Annual UN Event Series and its Exclusive Membership Network

Harnessing the Power of Cutting-Edge SaaS Technology

ESG Excel is the organization’s leading edge RegTech SaaS Platform. It is designed to equip any business with the tools and insights they need to comply and then thrive in a rapidly evolving ESG Reporting landscape.

Regennabis’ advanced solution enables companies to effectively measure, manage and report on their environmental, social, and governance performance, ensuring they are on track to meet evolving standards.

ESG Excel enables businesses to meet their materiality and double materiality regulatory and compliance obligations.

Strategic Advisory Services for Forward-Looking Businesses

Strategic ESG advisory services provide forward-looking businesses with the expertise and guidance needed to navigate complex ESG and sustainability challenges.

Regennabis works closely with its clients to develop tailored ESG strategies that align with their Disclosure and Reporting objectives, helping them mitigate risks, seize opportunities, and drive long-term value creation.

Inspiring Event Series at the United Nations that Shape the Future

Regennabis organizes extraordinary ‘Regenerative Business Live’ events at esteemed United Nations venues, serving as a catalyst for inspiration, collaboration, and innovation.

These gatherings bring together global visionary leaders, industry experts, and changemakers to exchange ideas, share best practices, and forge transformative partnerships that drive regenerative progress on a global scale.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

By joining the Regennabis Membership Network, businesses gain access to an exclusive community of like-minded organizations and influential thought leaders.

Membership benefits provide a wealth of resources, industry reports, and specialized programs designed to foster continuous learning, facilitate meaningful connections, and fuel regenerative growth.

To learn more about Regennabis and its service offerings visit www.regennabis.com or contact them at info@regennabis.com.

To learn more about Regenerative Business Live at the UN and opportunities to partner and participate visit https://regenerativebusinesslive.com/

To learn more about the organization’s RegTech Saas Platform, ESG Excel, visit  www.esgexcel.com

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