Haws® Corporation Appoints Chuck Gruber as New CEO

Promotion showcases Haws’ dedication to increased growth, high standards, and agility

Haws Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of hydration and safety equipment, is pleased to announce the appointment of Chuck Gruber as its new President and CEO. Mr. Gruber, a well-established industry leader in the manufacturing and safety space, joined the Haws Board of Directors in 2017 before becoming company President in 2020. This new appointment confirms Haws’ commitment to growth, innovation, and improving the health and safety of the global community.

“Chuck brings a new level of leadership to our 100+ year-old family-owned company. The teamwork and results our Haws team has demonstrated under Chuck’s leadership thus far has given the family the confidence to be able to transition to ownership responsibilities solely,” shares Tom White, Owner, Chairman and prior CEO. “With a proven track record of doubling company sales in under 5 years at the last companies he led, Haws is well positioned for growth now more than ever.”

After 30 years of working at Haws in various roles, Tom White, will continue in his role as Haws Chairman in addition to pursuing his personal interest to support and be a thought leader in family business governance. Stephanie Kilroy, Owner, will continue to drive the importance of company culture and growth through her participation in the Haws family governance.

While Gruber is the first Haws CEO from outside the founding family, Haws continues to be owned by family members and upholds the same values since its beginnings in 1906. “Haws places great importance on maintaining our company values as a family-owned business, while developing and maintaining high quality hydration and safety solutions. Chuck was an obvious choice to lead Haws through this next chapter,” commented Stephanie Kilroy.

In addition to his leadership record, Gruber’s professional experience includes roles in engineering, marketing, manufacturing, procurement, and global supply chain. Gruber holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and an MBA from Temple University in Philadelphia.

About Haws Corporation: For more than 115 years, Haws has been improving the health and safety of our global community providing customer driven hydration, safety, and tempering solutions. With ownership held by fourth-generation family members of its founder, Haws operates under the mission to provide high-quality products and services with a focus on growth.

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