ITW Air Management and Pillar Technologies Unite Sales Force

Two business units of the global ITW organization are uniting their sales teams to better serve customer needs in similar markets.

In August 2022, ITW Air Management (Cincinnati, OH) and Pillar Technologies (Hartland, WI) underwent a new leadership structure, led by one Business Unit Manager, Tyler Derus, (read more about this initial organizational transition here). In the six months since assuming the role, significant analysis and attention was taken to understand the most compelling organizational structure to best support customers and adapt to an everchanging marketplace.

“Through our analysis we found substantial commonalities in customer needs by channel – end-users, OEMs, and distributors,” explained Tyler Derus, Business Unit Manager. “We believe by reorganizing our sales resources around customer types, we can focus our team on providing the optimal customer experience.”

Doug Biggs was appointed to lead the Pillar and ITW Air Management sales organizations including sales and applications personnel. Doug joined Pillar Technologies in 2021 as the Treater Sales Manager and demonstrated an ability to connect customer needs with organizational capabilities to develop value added solutions for customers.

ITW Air Management and Pillar Technologies encompass four brands: Paxton Products, Pillar Treaters, Pillar Sealers, and Vortec. As outlined below, the team is comprised of sales engineers focused on customer channels and application engineers focused on product lines:

  • Doug Biggs will head the team and maintain his Pillar Treater sales responsibilities.
  • Rick Immell will lead Paxton Products end-user sales as well as OEM sales for Paxton Products, Pillar Sealers, and Vortec.
  • Brad Budde will cover end user sales for Pillar Sealers, as well as end user sales in the Upper Midwest for Paxton Products and Pillar Treaters.
  • Zach Meinert will manage the domestic and global distribution channels for all brands.
  • Steve Prows and Jake Eisenacher will lead application engineering for Vortec and Paxton Products.
  • Jason Riphenburg will head application engineering for Pillar Sealers and Pillar Treaters.

“The sales team and I are excited to be able to provide an even higher level of service to Paxton Products, Pillar Sealers, Pillar Treaters, and Vortec customers. With the ability to assist our customers up and down the production line, we will be able to provide even more complete solutions to their manufacturing challenges.” commented Doug Biggs, Sales Manager.

This new organizational structure is effective April 3rd, 2023.

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