Pyure Addresses Air Quality and Surface Cleanliness Challenges for Poultry Operations

Pyure’s Dynamic Protection® is driving excellent ROI by reducing odors and improving the operating environments in poultry processing facilities

Boynton Beach, Florida, September 12th – Pyure Dynamic Protection®, the leader in air and surface purification, has been able to dramatically reduce odors at a large poultry facility near a dense urban environment. Through the installation of a Pyure-controlled solution, odor levels were immediately reduced both inside the plant as well as in neighboring communities. Within a week there was a significant reduction in air and surface bacteria and molds, as well as pests. This dramatic improvement to the plant’s operating environment improved the cleanliness and food safety of the plant, reduced fines to near zero, and improved working conditions for the employees.

As a direct result of implementing Pyure’s technology, the facility was able to secure expansion permits to increase the size of its operations. The facility was also able to open a retail outlet adjacent to the plant that attracts customers without the risk of off-putting odors. Through the combined benefits of the Pyure implementation, the plant was able to solve major business issues with a payback period of less than two years.

Prior to the implementation of the Pyure solution the plant had invested in several unsuccessful alternative efforts to neutralize odors including misting (masking agents and scents), enzymes, ozone generators, and air scrubbers.

A recent survey by Pyure demonstrated that air quality and surface cleanliness for poultry is a major industry concern and reducing cleaning costs, including costs due to lost production during major cleaning periods is seen as a major opportunity.

Pyure, unlike other cleaning methods, actively treats 100% of the space 24/7, and operates safely in the presence of people and animals, reducing the need for third-party sanitation services and shutdowns.

“The ability to improve our customer’s working environment as well as their neighbors’ air quality is a really positive outcome for everyone,” stated Mayhar Khosravi, Chief Strategy Officer, Pyure.” We are very proud that the enhanced cleanliness provided by Pyure enabled the company to expand operations as well as provide rapid payback and increased overall profitability”.

About The Pyure Company – Inspired by nature and trusted to clean, The Pyure Company are world-leading air purifying technology innovators. Pyure’s commercial air purifiers are trusted worldwide to safely purify indoor air and surfaces, too – creating healthier environments for everyone while saving energy by bringing the power of the sun indoors. For 15 years, The Pyure Company has been helping customers protect their health, improve wellness, and lower industrial by-products while reducing viruses, bacteria, and VOCs. Headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida, Pyure is privately held. For more information, visit

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