Reno wine store faces hefty fine from OSHA after noncompliance

A Reno wine store was fined more than $2,500 for not complying with one or more COVID1- safety requirements, according to Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and reported by Reno News 4 and Fox 11.

Vino 100, located at 1131 Steamboat Parkway in south Reno, was fined $2,603 by OSHA after industry-specific guidance and directives during both an initial observation and a follow up visit were not followed. Upon observation of ongoing noncompliance during a follow up visit, OSHA launched a formal investigation into the employer.

In addition, a notice was provided indicating that in the event of future noncompliance, the administrator may issue an order requiring the business to cease all activity at that location during the state of emergency until the business has established and implemented operating procedures to comply with the requirements.

Follow up visits have been done at 431 businesses where Nevada OSHA officials found that 94 percent of those locations are now in compliance.

A total of twelve businesses have received citations across the state.

Nevada OSHA continues to respond to complaints and referrals regarding face coverings, social distancing, cleaning and disinfection and other areas of concern related to COVID-19.

More than 2,100 complaints have been received since mid-March.

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