Sensaphone Offers Remote Monitoring Solutions to Improve Laboratory Management and Safety

ASTON, Pa. (April 20, 2023) – Sensaphone remote monitoring solutions help laboratory staff maintain safe conditions and equipment by tracking and recording key data points. When Sensaphone monitoring systems detect that a sensor reading has moved out of the preset range, they send real-time notification to designated personnel. These monitoring systems also log sensor information over time, allowing operators to identify trends that indicate equipment issues before they become serious problems.

The Sentinel™ system is ideal for use in controlled environments to ensure that factors such as temperature, airflow, humidity, water leaks and power failure do not compromise laboratory assets. The Sentinel system also monitors temperatures inside freezers and refrigerators to protect valuable vaccines, medical specimens and the cold storage equipment itself. The cloud-based Sentinel system provides supervised 24/7 remote monitoring of up to 12 different environmental and equipment status conditions. Sentinel operators can access real-time data from anywhere using a mobile device or computer. They can also check status information, change settings, disable alarms and readjust temperature limits from the Sensaphone app.

Sensaphone’s WSG30™ remote monitoring system uses wireless sensors to detect changes in conditions, making it perfect for laboratory installations where it would be difficult or costly to hardwire sensors. A single WSG30 unit can support up to 30 wireless sensors to monitor temperatures inside refrigerators and freezers, as well as laboratory conditions including ambient temperature, humidity, power failure and water detection. The system can notify up to 32 people in the event of a problematic sensor reading. WSG30 users can access status conditions, make programming changes, and review data logs online through any web-enabled device. The system can log up to 67,000 records.

Sensaphone’s IMS-1000E remote monitoring system is designed to monitor the interior temperature of refrigerators and freezers, as well as changes in laboratory conditions such as temperature, humidity and power failure. The IMS-1000E system supports up to eight plug-and-play sensors, including a sensor that can monitor ultra-low freezer temperatures. The system sends alerts through both Ethernet and telephone connections, ensuring personnel can receive notifications even when the internet is down. The built-in web server enables users to easily view the status of monitored conditions, make changes to sensor parameters and review data history. The IMS-1000E system can log up to 100,000 data samples, which helps operators maintain accurate records.

For more information, visit Sensaphone’s monitoring solutions for medical cold storage.

About Sensaphone

Sensaphone® offers a comprehensive line of remote monitoring products that safeguard valuable assets by tracking critical equipment and environmental data such as temperature, humidity and power failures. Sensaphone products provide alerts and proactive monitoring data to homeowners and facility managers in many areas including telecommunications, oil and gas, water and wastewater, HVACR, agriculture, healthcare, data centers and greenhouses. Nearly 500,000 Sensaphone systems are in use today around the world, and they continue to be manufactured in the USA. For more information, call 877-373-2700, email or visit

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