Keep Welders Comfortable, Safe, and Productive During National Welding Month and Year-Round with PPE From Magid

Since 1996, the American Welding Society has designated April as National Welding Month to bring awareness to the welding industry and the important work that over 400,000 welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers do to keep our country moving forward. This important work includes more than 80 welding processes that provide us with well-built cars, buildings, bridges, and equipment. In celebration of the month, Magid Glove & Safety is recommending PPE for the welding industry that will keep workers safe while improving comfort and productivity.

Breathable Hand Protection for Multiple Hazards:

Heat- and flame-resistant gloves are a must-have for welders, but these workers often lift heavy metals and materials that make extra hand protection important to guard against pinch and crush injuries. Additionally, high temperatures caused by working with heat and fire present additional challenges for comfort and compliance. Welders deserve breathable work gloves that will keep them protected but also help them stay cool throughout the day.

  • T-REX® Inferno Series® TRX848 Gloves – Magid’s TRX848 is the ultimate glove for welding and other jobs that require heat and flame resistance, high cut resistance, and impact protection. This glove protects workers against multiple hazards while still providing the comforts of goatskin leather and a knit fabric liner that offers an improved fit.
  • WeldPro® M1018 Gloves – Magid’s M1018 welding gloves feature Kevlar stitching that provides extra reinforcement from punctures and abrasions while delivering the heat protection workers need to get the job done. These gloves also have a jersey palm and a jersey foam back for added comfort and breathability.

Durable and Comfortable Body Protection:

Similar to hand protection, welders need body protection in high-temperature work areas that can keep them safe from sparks and molten splatter. Increased durability helps workers remain confident that their clothing will hold up to tough wash cycles, and added features on clothing can help workers stay comfortable and productive, and even prevent heat exhaustion.

Dependable Eye Protection for Tough Work:

Eye injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries for welders, second only to burns. These injuries are primarily due to excessive heat or UV radiation. Welders need eye protection that will keep them safe, sit comfortably and snuggly on their faces, and resist scratches and splashes from the tough work that they do.

  • Gemstone® Sapphire Y30 Protective Eyewear – These glasses offer supreme comfort with a lightweight frame, adjustable temple lengths, a brow guard, molded-in side shields, and an integrated nose bridge. Plus, workers get extended wear life with impact resistance, scratch resistance, splash resistance, and hard-coated lenses and side shields.

Body Cooling PPE:

The average welding arc is between 6,500 and 10,000˙F. Cooling gear can help workers stay cool on the job and can help them lower their body temperature during breaks.

  • Magid® Cool Powered by Mission® – Help prevent heat illness and keep workers comfortable and productive with body cooling gear that lasts for hours and can be easily reactivated. Magid Cool Powered by Mission activates in seconds with any temperature of water (even hot water!) and cools to 30 degrees below the average body temperature. Look for Flame-Resistant Magid Cool coming soon!

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