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SonicAire: Pioneers in Combustible Dust Solutions

SonicAire combustible dust fans provide safety, economic, and regulatory compliance solutions to facilities that generate fugitive dust and lint, including wood products and furniture manufacturing; paper making, paper products production and recycling; plastics processing, finishing, and recycling; textiles and nonwoven fabrics production; laundry facilities; food and grain processing; and multiple other industries.

As a global leader in combating combustible dust hazards, SonicAire is committed to offering revolutionary solutions prioritizing safety, cost-efficiency, and innovation. Our dedication to excellence and continuous improvement sets us apart.

BarrierAire™ Technology: Revolutionizing Safety

The conventional manual approach of cleaning up accumulated dust after the fact proved costly and risky. This method burdens facilities with ongoing housekeeping expenses and jeopardizes the safety of personnel attempting to reach overhead areas.

SonicAire has a game-changing engineered solution, BarrierAire™ technology, to prevent combustible dust issues before they escalate. This innovation ensures ongoing compliance with safety regulations and standards while safeguarding employees from the looming threats of explosions and fires.

Before you purchase our fans, our team of experts will consult with you to develop a customized, engineered layout of SonicAire fans for your facility. Based on client-provided facility blueprints, our team will determine the correct fan placement to create ideal air patterns specific to your needs, ensuring optimal performance for your facility.

The SonicAire Mission: A Safer, Healthier, and More Efficient Work Environment

Combustible dust has significant financial implications for your facility and poses tangible risks to your employees. SonicAire's fan systems have ushered in a new era of proactive, engineered solutions that eliminate overhead fugitive dust problems. Our customized solutions, tailored to a wide range of industries, yield immediate benefits across multiple facets of your business.