Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC)

Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC)
555 E. Wells St., Suite 1100
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3823

The Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) is the guiding entity of occupational hearing conservation in the United States. Comprised of two members from nine different associations overseeing hearing conservation guidance, they develop and deliver certification training, educational resources, professional guidelines and standards of practice for those overseeing hearing conservation programs.

CAOHC’s MISSION: Advancing best practices in occupational hearing conservation worldwide, through credentialing, standards, education, and advocacy. CAOHC offers the following training and education internationally:

  • Occupational Hearing Conservationist certification (COHC)

This 20-hour certification course covers training in performing pure tone air conduction audiometric testing, fitting of hearing protection devices, providing education about hearing conservation, and enforcing hearing conservation program (HCP) compliance.

  • Professional Supervisor of the Audiometric Monitoring Program© (PS/A) certification

This two-day course trains audiologists and physicians to supervise audiometric testing programs, ensure that OSHA regulations are met, and to review and assess problem audiograms. This course is available live or as an on-demand training.

  • Hearing Conservation Manager certificate-based training

This beginner-level, half-day, online course is for individuals responsible for creating, maintaining, and/or improving a hearing conservation program.

  • Course Director (CD) certification

This full-day training prepares CD’s to teach courses for Occupational Hearing Conservationists.

  • The Hearing Conservation Manual – a reference guide for any member of the HCP team.
  • Employer Resources – a free section on our website offering instruction and guidance to those starting a HCP.
  • Videos, webinars, and trainings about noise measurement, ear anatomy and physiology, and other topics.