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Guardhat Adds Gas Monitoring from RKI Instruments to their Connected Worker Platform

January 19, 2022

Gas monitoring integration adds critical, life-saving functionality to the Guardhat platform, expands partner ecosystem Guardhat, a pioneer of end-to-end connected worker solutions, announced today an integration with the GX-3R Pro gas detector from RKI Instruments, Inc. The number of lone workers in the United States has dramatically increased over the past two years, especially with the…


How to Use Gas Detection Data to Your Advantage

September 21, 2021

By: Dave Wagner, Contributor If you use gas detectors on your worksite but only look at the data they collect after an incident, you may be missing out on critical insights about your work environment; behaviors of those wearing the monitors; and the health and performance of the gas detectors themselves. Here are a few…


Data Analytics and Gas Monitoring: Breaking Down Big Data to Identify & Mitigate Health & Safety Risks

August 4, 2021

Igor Avlijas, P.Eng, Contributor As most personnel return to the workplace full-time, industrial hygienists face the growing and continued challenge of mitigating gas and other hazardous exposures that result in both acute and long-term health effects. Whether it’s in oil & gas, construction, manufacturing or other industries, the threat of harmful substances, such as carbon…



Leader in O2 Sensing Solutions Launch RAD-0002-ZR Low Oxygen Zirconia Monitor to Exceed Standards

August 2, 2021

Gaslab launches its new, wall-mounted safety device, the Low Oxygen Monitor, that adds new sensing capabilities Gaslab Inc., a leader in gas sensing technologies, has released a new low-oxygen safety monitor that holds a sensor capable of measuring potentially dangerous oxygen levels in freezers and other low temperature applications. The RAD-0002-ZR Low Oxygen Monitor and…


Atmospheric Hazards at Commercial Cannabis Grower & Processor Facilities

May 18, 2021

By: Paula Shovels, Contributor The use and possession of cannabis is still officially illegal under federal law. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 lists cannabis as a Schedule I drug, which prohibits even medical use. However, at the state and local level, it is a different story. The laws in many states are increasingly at variance…


Acceptable & Dangerous Gas Levels in Confined Spaces

May 18, 2021

By: Dante Moore, Contributor Confined spaces present unique dangers that workers must be prepared to handle. Despite tight regulations and technological advancements, permit-required confined space entry accidents and fatalities remain a problem. According to OSHA, confined spaces are responsible for around 200 deaths every year, and 60% of those deaths are workers who were attempting…


Industrial Scientific Introduces the Tango® TX2 for Two-Gas Detection with One Small, Reliable Monitor

May 4, 2021

New lightweight two-gas monitor offers more accurate alarms and minimizes maintenance with a two-year runtime. PITTSBURGH, PA – 4 May 2021 – Industrial Scientific, a global leader in gas detection and safety-as-a-service, is pleased to announce the Tango® TX2, a new two-gas monitor that increases site safety by allowing users to detect two gases with…


Enhancing Gas Detection with Pattern-Finding & Predictive AI

April 19, 2021

Sean Stinson, Chief Revenue Officer A Brief History of Gas Detection For years, gas detection solutions have been hardware-driven. When looking to solve a problem, companies have typically invested in and relied solely upon sensors with gas-detecting capabilities, such as gas alarms from fixed or personal gas monitors. Additionally, site managers and industrial hygienists will…


Gas-Detection Batteries: Benefits and Liabilities

April 19, 2021

Bob Henderson, Contributor Atmospheric monitors use sensors to measure gas. Some types of sensors need more power, while other types need less power. Very low-power sensors may use so little power that a set of disposable or rechargeable batteries can last for months or years of operation. But, no matter what kind of sensors are…


What is the Radius of my Area Monitor?

March 4, 2021

Kyle Krueger, Contributor Over the past two years, demand for area monitors has increased. Now more than ever, companies can place durable, easy-to-use sensing devices with advanced technology throughout their facilities at a lower price point. This is giving companies better awareness of their environments, while also helping them drive safety improvements. Accordingly, a common…


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