Thought Leadership Interviews

Miller Electric Customizes Welding Safety & Health Solutions

Kathi Abshire, QSSP, a Regional Safety Solutions Manager at Miller Electric, explains how Miller helps customers control welding fume exposures, for a healthier, OSHA-compliant workplace. Customized solutions can include modification and substitution; engineering and work practice controls and personal protective equipment, like Miller respirators.

SKC Inc. Offers Solutions to Ototoxicants in the Workplace

Ototoxicants are chemicals that can damage hearing. Lucinette Alvarado, CIH, SKC Inc.’s Corporate Industrial Hygienist and Technical Services Manager-Media, discusses how SKC Inc. partners with companies to help them detect ototoxicants and prevent exposure these harmful chemicals.

Thought Leadership Interview with DOD Technologies

Brad Dyer, co-CEO of DOD Technologies, discusses the company’s ChemLogic® colorimetric gas detection systems that can monitor up to 96 different locations. DOD Technologies’s advanced colorimetric technology offers companies a faster, more detailed response when hazards are present.

Thought Leadership Video with SKC

Chuck Nachreiner, Vice President of Business Development for SKC, explains low flow air sampling, and describes how SKC’s innovative products make it easy to access information and keep workers safe. He will also cover pre- and post-calibration, and why both are important when it comes to gathering accurate data.

SKC Inc – Thought Leadership Interview

Andy Bragg, Director of Customer Support and Technical Sales Representative-Southeast for SKC Inc. discusses the company’s intuitive, data-rich dosimeters and sound level meters and how they can help reduce the risk of hazardous noise exposure.

An Exclusive Thought Leadership Interview with Showa

Gilbert LeVerne, Jr., Showa Director of Marketing for the Americas and Oceania, discusses Showa’s comprehensive Chemrest platform: its three service pillars and how it gives users clear steps to find the right hand protection, based on applications, chemicals and exposure time.