Atmax Filtration Elements Inc

Atmax Filtration Elements Inc
2101 Park Ave
South Plainfield NJ 07080

Atmax Filtration Elements Inc is a leading supplier of Industrial dust collectors, Industrial Fans, Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Equipment and Industrial Ventilation Accessories in New Jersey. We have inhouse team of application engineers with more than 30 years experience in designing optimal Dust Extraction or Weld Fume Exhaust systems and solutions to protect your workers, machinery and environment. For more information visit

We deal in the following products:

  • Baghouse Dust Collectors,
  • Pharmaceutical Dust Collectors
  • Food Processing Dust Collectors
  • Blowers, Axial Fans
  • ElectroStatic Precipitators (ESPs)
  • Boiler Fans ID FD Fans
  • Aluminium Impellers
  • Bifurcated Fans
  • Rotary AirLock
  • Filter Cartridges and Bags
  • Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans, Hoods, Pollution Control Units (PUCs) and Make Up Air Units
  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Speciality Hoses