Memic Lauds Uneeda Enterprizes With Safety Award

The MEMIC Group has named Uneeda Enterprizes to its annual list of MEMIC Award winners in recognition of achievements in safety excellence.

The company was recognized with a 2022 MEMIC Award for Safety Excellence by making workforce safety part of its culture and demonstrating continuous education and employee involvement to prevent on-the-job injuries. Participation in safety workshops, on-site training, pre-project safety planning, and ergonomic assessments are part of the foundation for award consideration.

“Uneeda Enterprizes has worked hard to build a culture of safety that is an example for all our policyholders, and for their industry,” said The MEMIC Group President and CEO Michael Bourque. “We’re proud to partner with the people at Uneeda to make it a consistently safer and more productive place to work.”

Based in Spring Valley, N.Y., Uneeda Enterprizes is a leading supplier of quality coated abrasive products and sanding tools for manufacturers of wood, automotive, metal, stone, and marine products. Since becoming a MEMIC policyholder more than a decade ago, Uneeda management has worked closely with MEMIC’s Loss Control team to implement a comprehensive safety program.

An active safety committee coached by MEMIC safety management consultants implemented injury prevention training for supervisors and workers, provided ergonomic assessments to minimize overexertion exposures, and trained Uneeda staff in MEMIC’s OSHA Safety Workshop for General Industry.

MEMIC Safety Management Consultant Tony Soares said Uneeda’s commitment to workforce safety has cut loss trends in half since becoming a policyholder in 2011. “We helped them create a safety program that included implementation of a Safety Committee in the workplace, followed by on-site safety training and guidance,” he said.

Uneeda has been a MEMIC policyholder since 2011 and is one of only four employers insured by The MEMIC Group to be recognized in 2022 for having consistently improved its workforce safety practices to achieve outstanding results.

The news of Uneeda receiving this award was enthusiastically welcomed by CEO Bruce Fuchs.

“We have worked very hard to develop a culture that puts safety first with clear communication and consistent training for the entire workforce,” Fuchs said. “We are proud to be honored by MEMIC in recognizing our efforts to maintain a safe working environment.  We constantly look for innovative ways to keep safety in the forefront of everyone’s mind.  MEMIC’s assistance is extremely important in helping us maintain the highest level of workplace safety and employee engagement.”

MEMIC provides workers’ compensation insurance for more than 22,000 employers from Maine to Florida. The MEMIC Awards were established in 1994 as part of its annual review of policyholders’ work to instill a culture of workforce safety and to celebrate best practices in protecting workers from injury.


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